About Globegliders

About Us

We are globegliders. We are passionate about living life with no bounds. So we have come together to create a global community, where those that want to see the world can do so without being confined to just one place. We are passionate about enabling others to live the life they want. With no boundaries.

We have been able to live, travel and be creative in our work all at the same time. We want others to have that ability also. Come join us!

Our belief is that every Globeglider needs three things to live a full, simple and happy nomadic life.

A place to call ‘Home’ in any country, in any city.

A global community that supports each other and makes us feel at home, anywhere.

A workspace where you can work, create, achieve and connect with others.

Our vision is revolutionary, where you can live and work anywhere in the world, and have the support you need in a thriving community of like-minded digital nomads. Because we believe that creativity knows no boundaries…

Our Mission

We want to simplify remote living and working and make it accessible to all who desire the lifestyle. The world is such an AMAZING place and each one of us should have the simple option to explore and experience it.

Wherever you may roam – we are there to support you.

Partner With Us

Help us to create our revolutionary global community. If you can offer accommodations and/or workspaces, to give our talented community of Globegliders a safe and inviting place to live and work, please get in touch.

We are also looking for creative talents who are passionate about the Globegliders concept and can help us make our dream come true!

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