Tanna Volcano View Tree house

Tanna Island, Vanuatu

Tanna Volcano View Tree house

Guesthouse, Double Room with Shared Bathroom

Breakfast Included
Double Room with Shared Bathroom

gps Volcano Entrance road Mt yasur, White Sands, Vanuatu

Tanna Volcano View Tree house is situated in front of the Mount Yasur volcano entrance gate. A continental breakfast is available every morning at the lodge. There is an in-house restaurant, which serves a variety of local dishes and also offers vegetarian options.


I really loved my stay at I ended of the tree houses. Robert’s wife is such a sweet person and it was a pleasure hanging out with her and learning about the culture. Meals were very tasty! Beautiful views and nicely landscaped property. The whole area has very remote vibe which I loved. Kastom village tour was a highlight! It’s a must. Such much fun but I don’t want to spoil it for you. Plus the benefits go to local boys and community. Volcano entrance right outside, area near Robert’s is very safe and good for walking.

Robert and Lina are great hosts and very helpful. I had a wonderful time with them and other travelers. The place is right in front of the volcano entrance, which makes it all so easy and comfortable. Not to mention seeing the red clouds over the volcano at night from your tree house. Unforgettable!

Tanna Island

Tanna is an island in Vanuatu, an archipelago country in the South Pacific. On the southeast coastIt’s known for Mount Yasur, an active volcano with frequent explosions from its vents. To the east, Port Resolution is a natural harbor with nearby hot springs, a freshwater lake and a beach. The villages of Sulphur Bay and Imanaka are known for their devotion to the John Frum religious movement. On the west coast, Lenakel is the island’s major town and shopping hub. Nearby, Yakel is known as a kastom (custom) village, displaying a traditional way of life highlighted by dances and indigenous art, including handmade carvings. Also in the west, the Tafutuna Cultural Experience, in a rainforest clearing, showcases the tribal traditions of nearby Futuna Island, with weaving, fire walking and warrior dances. Tanna's coastline is fringed with coral reefs, popular for snorkeling and diving. The White Grass Plains on the northwest coast are home to wild horses.