CoworkCafe Clarendon

Arlington VA, United States

CoworkCafe Clarendon

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gps 2719 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201, United States

Coworking during the day, a hangout spot at night, coffee and gelato all the time.'


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Great gelato served by a helpful and happy staffer and a comfortable and inviting workspace in which to enjoy it. Staff offered many samples and gave an ample serving of the delicious gelato. They were attentive, helpful, and seemed to enjoy their work. The restaurant has ample seating in many diverse styles to cater to nearly every seating desire. The workspace is open and airy and well lit with natural light. It was an enjoyable experience from the minute I entered until I left. I never felt anything but welcome and wanted while there. Highly recommend and will most definitely return.

Great place to work. Quiet and good food.

Arlington VA

Arlington County is a county in the Commonwealth of Virginia, often referred to simply as Arlington or Arlington, Virginia. The county is situated in Northern Virginia on the southwestern bank of the Potomac River directly across from the District of Columbia, of which it was once a part.